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  • Evolove

    is an association whose mission is to use the electronic arts to sublimate the festival, love and nature through various cultural events and to the members of our family, a community of adorable people sharing our values of love, kindness, respect for oneself and others.

    It is through the desire to celebrate differently that we have structured ourselves to offer you events outside of time, where we will celebrate our common values and the differences that define us, unite us and make us evolve. To help us, local and talented artists ready to let you discover unexplored horizons, a family full of exceptional human beings as well as partners in line with our mission will be the foundations on which we can build to create the party as we wish: full of love and evolution.
  • Festival

    Intimate where sharing, love and benevolence are the law, Evolove Festival is a moment out of time with the aim of bringing together people from the same family in a place dedicated to free festivities and beautiful encounters. Taking place at the dawn of summer and near Nantes, it is in the beautiful castle of Vermette that more than 30 artists will make you discover their different musical universes located somewhere between house, break, ambient and techno. In order for the experience to be as complete as possible, you and the other 250 members of our family will be able to explore two unique stages with radically different atmospheres: one full of tenderness and love, the other full of mystery and discovery.

    During these 3 days of celebration, the days will be a way for you to develop your artistic abilities, relax and meet new members of your family. Creative workshops, artistic shows and relaxation sessions will be offered to awaken the artist in you and bring out the most benevolent waves that lie dormant in you.